Frequently Asked Questions


What is PermaFinish?

Most important, PermaFinish is NOT a wax or coating!  It is a state of the art chemical process for protecting your new car finish and for restoring older paint finishes to "better than new"!  The process involves professionally applying a proprietary formula to the surface of the paint.  This unique formula creates a reaction with the paint polymer causing it to bond WITH and BECOME PART OF THE PAINT...creating a new harder, yet more flexible surface that is long lasting and impermeable.  This new surface resists acit rain, bird droppings, scratches, etc. giving the paint a PERMAnent shine and PERMAnent protection!

Is PermaFinish Only for Cars?

PermaFinish is also beneficial for the maintenence of Motorcycles, Aircraft, and Marine craft.  Particularly with Air and Marine Craft, there are also benefits of less friction and greater fuel mileage.

How Long will PermaFinish Last?

Because PermaFinish is NOT a wax or coating, it will not wash off, melt away in the heat, become brittle, chicp crack or flake off!  In fact, PermaFinish will probably outlast your car!  The results are guaranteed to last for 6 years...Longer than most people own their car!

Can I Purchase the Product and Apply it Myself?

PermaFinish is not a "Do It Yourself" product.  There is a special procedure to the application that requires a qualified trained technician.   There are also controlled temperature and humidity requirements in order to assure that the chemical process will be successful.  

Is PermaFinish Affordable?

Compared to the expense of waxing and buffing twice a year, PermaFinish is a true VALU!  The cost of PermaFinish depends upon the condition of the paint prior to application and the size of the vehicle.  Generally, new or nearly new vehicle with good paint condition start at around $500.  Aging paint that may be suffering from the elements requires more time and expertise to restore and will cost a bit more.  A FREE consultation is the most accurate way of determining the exact cost for each vehicle.

Who Needs PermaFinish for their Vehicle?

Anyone who cares about their vehicle and wants the ease of never having to wax for at least 6 years should consider having PermaFinish applied!

Can I Purchase a Gift Certificate?

Yes.  We sell gift certificates in any amount.  Purchase can be made in person or by phone.

What Methods of Payment do you take?

We take Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)